Welcome to my GITA 1 webpage

This is my webpage for my computer science class.
I am new to programming, and currently I am learning C#.
I have all of my projects posted so that you can download them.

Goodbye Program

September 3rd, 2020

Changes the text of the main label to "goodbye" in the selected language

Help Page

September 7th, 2020

This program acts like a company's help page.

Mailing Label

September 14th, 2020

Enter your information and it will be formatted then entered into the main label.

Car Rental

September 23rd, 2020

This program uses a function to determine the cost of renting a car.


September 25th, 2020

This program determines a user's BMI based on the information they enter.

Car Rental Upgrade

September 29th, 2020

This is an upgrade to the original Car Rental Project.

Test Score Program

October 1st, 2020

This program will take in a user's varying test scores and output various statistics.

Dice Program

October 9th, 2020

This program rolls dice for the user, and outputs their rolling stats

T-Shirt Program

October 29th, 2020

Allows the user to select various shirts before displaying the cost.

Slot Machine

November 13th, 2020

When a button is pressed, the simulated Slot Machine will randomly select values. If the values are correct, the user "wins".

Rock Paper Scissor Project

December 1st, 2020

A game where two users input their plays, then the winner is revealed.

Tic Tac Toe

January 12th, 2021

Allows two players to take alternating turns attempting to get a 3-in-a-row.


January 25th, 2021

N! allows people to find an array of numbers that are calculated with certain formulas. For example, N! multiplies whole numbers that are less than N and greater than 0.

Basic AI Game

February 4th, 2021

This game requires the player to evade and attack a basic AI. The AI will always move toward the player, however the player is faster and has a ranged attack.

Star Field

February 17th, 2021

Star Field allows the user to control both the speed and direction that their spaceship moves in. Stars will appear near the middle of the form then move outward away from the center.


March 19th, 2021

Aquarium involves multiple AI that move randomly about. The fish will die if they bump into the shark, and will become caught if they run into the fishing net.

Escape From Helvete

May 31st, 2021

Escape From Helvete is a hardcore level-based rpg that involves the player escaping from a prison in Helvete. They must fight their way through waves of enemies, until they can finally get revenge against those who wronged them.