Artificial Inteligence

by Jacob Nelson


Over the last several years, artificial inteligence, or A.I., has advanced
to an almost alarming degree. Whether it is figuring out what video to reccomend,
controlling the trajectory of a rocket, or telling a video game enemy where to
go, A.I. has been able to perform all of these actions nigh perfectly.

Machine Learning

Not only can A.I. be simply programmed to be great at their jobs, but they can also
be designed in a way that allows them to learn. Take the YouTube algormithm for instance.
After only watching a couple videos, it can create a sort of profile for what videos you
like to watch. It's scary how good it can be, however it is not perfect.

Space Travel

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to personally guide a rocket back
to Earth from Low Earth Orbit, then I hate to say it but you are kind of doomed. Humans
simply cannot react fast enough the the vast amount of data required to not only keep a
rocket in one piece, but also on course. This is one place where an A.I. can be perfect for.
\Taking in vast amounts of data and producing predictable results is the cornerstone of A.I.

Video Game A.I.

Another place where A.I. can be great is with video games. Without A.I., the only enemy you
could have in a video game would be a brick. All the movement, attack, and existence of video
game enemies in general is due to A.I. being able to closely replicate human behavior. With
older A.I. the enemy will appear very robotic, or predictable. Modern A.I., however, are
much less predictable and more organic thanks to developments with A.I.